Read This And Never Throw Away Avocado Seeds Again

Avocado along with its seed is one of the most beneficial and powerful fruits around, and this article will show you why.

The avocado seed contains 65% of the amino acids in the fruit, with more fiber than any other fruit.

Here is a list of the basic health benefits of avocado seeds:

– The avocado seed is great against arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties
– Being an anti-inflammatory agent makes the seed great for reducing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. It can also treat diarrhea, and is frequently used for infections and stomach problems medication
– According to recent research, the avocado seed can tighten and rejuvenate the skin due to its collagen content
– The avocado seed can burn fat easily and will also make you feel full after a meal
– It will also re-energize your body and prepare it for the challenges that await you during the day
– Consume the seed in a salad, prepare a tea from it or add it to smoothies and shakes
– The avocado seed can prevent cancer thanks to its flavonol content

How to Extract the Avocado Seed

To safely remove the avocado seed from the avocado:

  • Cut the avocado by slicing around the pit in order to cleanly remove the seed.
  • Insert your knife tip into the pit, twist, and gently pull.
  • Finally, remove the avocado seed from the knife.
  • Simply put the avocado seed into a plastic bag and then crush it with a hammer (or a blunt object).
  • Combine the crushed seeds with your favorite smoothie ingredients, such as dates, a banana, and dark leafy green vegetables, like spinach. If you have a high-powered blender, you may not need to smash the seed first, but you will need to add water.

Now check out this cool little video of how to blend an avocado seed into a super high fiber smoothie!

I don’t know about you but I’m super thirsty after watching that video! Now imagine if from just one avocado seed you could grow yourself an endless supply of avocados! Yes, you heard me right. Now check out this video on how to grow your own avocado tree from an avocado seed.

The uses of avocado seeds are endless! You can also add it to your facial mask or scrubs as an exfoliant or make avocado pit tea. Evidence shows that avocado seed oil can increase collagen in the skin, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Avocado seed oil is also used to treat acne flare-ups.

So next time you eat an avocado think again before tossing its seed away.