This Is What Your Sitting Position Reveals about Your Personality

Crash courses in reading body language give us the basics like understanding crossed arms, hands in pockets, or averted eyes. While your mood can affect your gestures and how your body speaks, there may be something deeper going on too.

Take things a step or two further and body position patterns can reveal certain personality traits. If you kept track of your body language movements from head to toe, you’d probably notice that there are some quirks that you do on a regular basis. But today, we’re looking at the legs and how you sit.

Psychology experts who have looked at sitting positions believe that how you sit shows something about your personality. Today, we’re looking at five of those seated poses that examine how you position your legs and feet.

  1. Knees Together, Feet Spread. This position indicates you have a charming and personable nature but may be childish at times. You don’t always like to address problems and either ignore them or place them on the back burner. A glass-full type of person, you tend to see the positive in a situation. You are also very creative.
  2. Legs Crossed One Over the Other. You like to see things through, especially your own dreams and ideas. You are highly creative and very social, enjoying lots of friendships with different types of people. You are a wonderful, insightful conversationalist, but underneath that is also some insecurity. Because you love to travel, it’s not surprising if you prefer to move around a lot. Habitual leg-crossers are also out-of-the-box thinkers.
  3. Legs Spread Apart. Things might be a little chaotic for you, but in your mind it’s organized chaos that you’re perfectly capable of living with. Staying focused isn’t your strong-suit, whether it’s during a conversation or a task. Drama may have a tendency to follow you but you don’t mind, it only makes you more motivated. In terms of your personal style, comfort is your go-to.
  4. Knees and Feet Together, Facing Straight. Self-restraint comes easily to these folks, but so does confidence. They are kind and gentle, but also straight-shooters, unafraid to be honest. These people are also very smart, and tend to shun confrontation of any sort. Instead, they are most comfortable when things are peaceful. One of their pet peeves is lateness, so they are typically punctual and would appreciate if you are too.
  5. Legs at an Angle, Ankles Crossed or Uncrossed. You are very ambitious and will work hard to accomplish your goals, knowing that in time everything will come to fruition. That’s why you are okay with things not being rushed. You’re also a great listener and confidant.However, you are also very concerned with your outward appearance, and want to look good at all times. This hides some insecurities which flare up when you are hit with criticism. Your feelings do get hurt in those cases but you tend to internalize it.

You might not even realize that your go-to sitting position is a subconscious action that you do all the time. These handful of poses only scratch the surface, but you will probably find some grains of truth in their meanings. Have fun checking out your sitting pattern and those of the people you know!

What are your thoughts on sitting positions and personalities? Do any of these descriptions sound like you? Which one?