Watch: Kitten Rescued After Hitching a Ride in a Tesla

Sure, we all dream of riding in a Tesla with the wind in our hair, but one kitten may have taken it a step (or tiny paw) too far.

In mid-June, a Tesla Model X owner noticed some unexpected sounds coming from around the bumper of his automobile. It wasn’t the rev of an engine, rather, shockingly, the purr of a kitten.

The man brought the car to his local service center, where he shared a video of the rescue via his YouTube account along with the caption, “I love my Tesla Service Center! They rescued this beautiful kitten that had been trapped in my Model X’s rear bumper for probably over 14 hours.”

In the clip, the kitten is carefully taken out of the car by a Tesla employee. Even more heartwarming, the car’s owner said that the kitty was given water immediately by staff, and that one of the rescuers and his family offered to provide her with a new loving home.

The awww-inspiring story has been a hit among animal lovers and car fans alike, including none other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who shared the video on Twitter.

Of course, kitties and small spaces in cars don’t always have happy endings like this one, so before you hit the road, it’s always best to check under and around your car for any curious critters.